Welcome to Rolling Gate Repair NYC

Welcome to Rolling Gate Repairs NYC. We are New York’s top gate repair service company, providing services across all 5 boroughs of the city. We especially provide emergency repair service for all types of gates. Common types of gates and openings we repair are rolling gates, overhead gates, roll up roll down gates, coiling grills for doors and windows, storefront doors, pass-through windows, windows and doorways.

We have the best technicians for the job, and together, our combined skills and experience make us leaders in the industry. When you contract Rolling Gate Repairs NYC, you are guaranteed of receiving professional assistance. Our response time is unrivalled. Call our 24 hour emergency service for response within minutes.

If you are closer to our offices, we can be at your doorstep in less than 10 minutes. In little or no traffic, we cover most areas in 30 minutes to one hour. We aim to respond and salvage all situations within 24 hours. If repair work will delay for technical reasons, we notify you in good time so that you know what is going on. Sometimes the problem with the rolling gate is not what it appears to be so when we get there, our diagnosis shows two or three more problem areas that need to be worked on. This is just an example of how gate repair work that seemed straightforward at first can turn into a lengthy service process.

Through it all though, we maintain the excellent standards of quality that we are known for. You will not have to call us back because the door jammed again just after we left. When you call us to check your rolling gate motor, we will check all parts to ensure that no other part is malfunctioning.

We use high quality products for our services. Our rolling gates and accompanying spare parts are made from the hardest-wearing steel, aluminum and grill. All our materials meet industry standards. They are rust free, heat treated, fire and smoke proof, and they can withstand the elements. With our rolling gates, you do not have to worry about the biting winter season, the wet season or the sunny spells. They wear well in all the elements and seasons.

Here is our complete range of services:

  • Emergency 24 hour rolling gate & roll up repair in New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island)
  • Rolling gate installation
  • Rolling gate repair
  • Roll up roll down gate repair
  • 24 hour door repair
  • NYC storefront gate repair
  • Motor repair and replacement for roll up storefront gates
  • Automatic roll up gate installation and repair
  • Removal and disposal of old iron gates
  • Key switch installations for gates
  • Security grills for storefront gates and windows
  • Roll up storefront gate installation
  • Storefront gate repair
  • Maintenance of storefront gate
  • Gate springs replacement and repair
  • Key switch installation
  • Key switch installations for automatic gates
  • Motor repair for automatic gates
  • Maintenance for gate springs
  • Security grills gates and windows
  • Overhead doors
  • Overhead gate repair
  • Security gates

Prices of Rolling Gate Repair services

You will love our prices. We have the most affordable rates on gate repair and installations in New York. Below are just examples of what you will pay for some of our products and services:

  • Emergency rolling gate repair service...........$75
  • One work hour for one technician...........$125
  • One work hour for two technicians...........$145
  • One work hour for three or more technicians...........$175
  • Central Lock for Rolling Gate...........$375
  • Timer for Rolling Gate...........$195
  • Rolling Gate Remote Control Small...........$79
  • Rolling Gate Remote Control Big...........$95
  • Rolling Gate Receiver plus first remote...........$295
  • Sensors for Rolling Gate...........$395

And many more!

Please contact us on (212)729-6047 for a customized quote.

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